A New Style for the New Year!

Clients frequently ask me, “What’s on trend now?” For a while style had stayed the same. Long, layered hair cuts, blended bits of balayage here and there. It had been the same for a while but I feel with the new year and the new decade there is also a new style emerging. Along side of incorporating more color into the hair (which I love) and exploring different shades rather than just light brown or blonde a new length and style is emerging as well.

Shorter but not too short. Shoulder length but with some style and versatility. The ‘lob.’ It’s basically an angled bob but at shoulder length or more. There is a lot of play room here. You can play around with the length, the angle and layers. A more severe angle or almost unnoticeable. Long layers, short and shaggy layers or none. There is also a choice with a bang, side bang or no bang. I usually suggest against face framing because it takes away from the length in the front but a slight amount can be accommodated. Here are a few pictures for inspiration.

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