Fall Inspiration

I have been thinking a lot this fall about what looks and colors inspire me and my clients to reach out of the box and try something different. When I came across hair colors like these I knew I had found it.

After summer most people are looking for a change. Your hair has been bleached out by the sun and dried out by the pool and ocean water. Yes summer is fun and a great time to spend time outside but when fall comes as with any season it is time to refocus. A fresh cut and a new color is needed. Anticipating winter most people opt to go darker with their color choosing a chocolate brown or a deep merlot but I thought this year, why not try something different?

Instead of going dark and rich, go bold! I feel these colors express such a feeling of fall. They remind me of pumpkins, of the way the leaves look when they change colors. They remind me of warmth; of a season of candlelight and celebration to come.

I recommend, instead of doing your usual chocolate brown, muted blonde or dark ruby red, try something a bit different and go bold this fall. This look is sure to be a head turner.

It is something new and exciting for me to do as well. I love to challenge myself. As I always say, hair is an accessory so why not take full advantage of that.

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